This Week in Gillin

Ms. Kate Lane

A fun-filled weekend was the perfect respite from the daily uncertainty of our current situation. Friday was energized through delicious snacks in the common room while the dream girls of Gillin watched a movie in their namesake (credit to Ms. Kerr). Then, on Saturday, the girls gathered for some soothing self-care practice; please see the write up and pictures from Eva He. To cap off the wonderful weekend, our residence celebrated the National Football League’s championship game, the Super Bowl, an iconic American event including incredible athleticism, fantastic half-time performances, and the most interesting commercials of the year.

With course selections in full-swing, our Gillin Boarding Council presented an excellent overview of their five very distinct academic plans and then hosted a Q&A session with both our local and distant boarders this past Wednesday afternoon. The girls enjoyed hearing “real life” experiences from our more seasoned Gillin boarders and gained insight into their aspirations and future pathways. The ultimate messages: there are no “wrong” choices, rather many options and opportunities that lead to successful post-secondary plans; “to IB or not to IB” is a very individual decision; choose courses/topics that genuinely interest you – this will make your senior years much more enjoyable!

While it will be a quiet February long weekend, most of our Gillinites are staying on campus and will undoubtedly enjoy a continuation of creative activities organized by our exceptional boarding teachers. It is a great opportunity for the girls to bond in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy one-another’s company: something that most people are craving these days.

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