This Week In Matthews

Mr. Brian Storosko

A busy week in Matthews began with a full house meeting on Sunday night (Parents, please remind your sons that they should be attending virtually at 8:45 p.m. Sundays).  These meetings are a time for sharing rules, joys and laughter. This past week all those who were coming out of quarantine got to say hello and meet room mates etc.
The week continued with several students having to back cookies as part of the science class. The ones that were edible were shared with the House—how nice! TK was on screen during assembly promoting Wellness activities as we are in a friendly competition with Gillin Residence.
Wednesday night was filled with skating, ping pong, Space Station sighting and pool. Nicolas M and Pongwit started a pool tournament to help get people out of their rooms and involved in a friendly competition. This tournament will run the next three Wednesday nights so that those coming out of quarantine can also participate.
In some of the other photos you can see the lovely snow we have on campus and with that comes some snow construction competitions. The Matthews courtyard looks wonderfully wintry!

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