This Week in Matthews

Mr. Brian Storosko

We started the week with an online House meeting so that we could bring in the quarantine boys as well as some of those who did not return from December break. We are starting a program for some students to run activities for Wednesday nights (no night prep) and weekends. This will serve to give students community service hours, and as well, it will get the boys out of their rooms and socialize to some extent. For instance, some boys have gone to the local outdoor rinks. They even built a mini snowman! Others have begun to arrange a round-robin pool tournament. 

Extra help is always available with programs like Students Teaching Students and the Wednesday night mathematics tutor greets boarding students online. We have also opened a mini tuck shop for boys to purchase treats because they have restricted movement to stores etc.

We hope to have all students both near and far on MS Teams again this Sunday night at 8:45 p.m.

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