This Week in Gillin

By Ms. Kate Lane

What a fun week to welcome many of our new boarders out of quarantine, to a fresh bed of snow on our beautiful campus. For most, this was the very first time in Canada and you can’t get more of a quintessential Canadian experience than that! The girls have quickly adapted to their new routines and both new and returning students are enjoying the company of roommates now.

With another week (or more) of at-home learning ahead, I continue to be impressed with the diligence of our students and ever-creative lessons by our teachers. Our Grade 10 Science students enjoyed baking chocolate chip cookies in the Gillin kitchen— many for the first time while learning about molecular bonds. They then generously shared with the rest of the house, and left the common rooms smelling delicious for days. We look forward to the Grade 12 biology delicacies next week!

Some other highlights this week included a snowman building competition (we’re still working on our skills…), learning to juggle, shovelling off our rink (thank you Alice and Susana!), modelling new “blanket hoodies” and, of course, bubble tea parties. As always, please encourage your daughters to participate in the many activities that happen both planned and sporadically throughout the week it makes for a strong, cohesive community and I know all who participate leave with a much more optimistic outlook!

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