This Week in Gillin

Ms. Kate Lane
Over the weekend we had a couple ambitious bakers and, true to the tone of Gillin this year, they were eager to share their delicious cake and scones with everyone in residence. Not only did Eva and Anna bake Saturday, Eva received flowers and cake — which she also shared for her 18th birthday on Sunday. A group of proud “18 Squad” girls joined for a little celebration and singing.

We have also been so excited by the arrival of one of our new boarders: Susana, from Germany. The thoughtful gifts from our boarding students and community (including local treats from Ms. Noonan, groceries from a parent, and, of course, bubble tea from the girls) undoubtedly made Susana’s two-week quarantine all the more tolerable. In fact, masked or not, you could always tell that she was smiling and enjoying her new Ashbury experience, even before setting foot into the main school building. We are all pleased that she officially joins the rest of Gillin today and takes part in her first day of in-class learning.

The Guild gift boxes this week were a real highlight and much appreciated by students and teachers alike. Please see Ms. Kerr’s write up and pictures for more details. With only a week to go until the holidays, our Gillinites have a busy and rewarding time ahead.

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