This Week in Gillin

Ms. Kate Lane
The holiday spirit has officially begun in Gillin Residence! Thanks to Ms. Kerr and a group of eager Gillinites, the tree went up last weekend and a variety of decorations were created and hung throughout the week. It is looking very festive! A “countdown” is posted and with only 10 more school days until the break, our girls are feeling encouraged by the prospects of a much-needed holiday on the near horizon.

The past weekend also saw eight of our girls brave the outdoors on a cool, dark Friday evening in support of StayUP. Please see Monale’s insightful account for more details.

In Wing meetings this week we discussed the benefits and science of gratitude, followed by expressing our own gratitude through thank you letters to send out next week. We were also very grateful for Esther’s presentation on Uganda, where she shared a variety of interesting facts on the culture and country, then created a Tik Tok to show us all how to cook a favourite dish known as “rolex”— fried eggs rolled in chapati. Can’t wait to try it this weekend!

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