Secret Santa in Gillin

By Alice Liao and Susana Jost Macias On Sunday night, most of the Gillin girls gathered around and participated in our annual Secret Santa. It is a great way to get closer to other boarding girls as we get to know what they like, if we didn’t know already. The anticipation was a little hard to bear as we had to wait until after our prep and house meeting that night. There were lots of oohs and aaahhs when we opened all our gifts; many were surprised and super excited with their presents. We took turns to try and guess who the Secret Santas were; I think I got mine right! After everyone opened their gifts, it was really nice to see all the surprises and happy faces! I got a homemade scarf, some warm socks, Canadian maple syrup, and Beaver Tail vouchers as my gift. I loved it and can’t wait to use my gifts! 🙂
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