Holiday Cards in Gillin

By Ms. Amy Huang

About two weeks ago, I read an article on the internet about citizens in a retirement home in Ottawa asking to receive holiday letters. As we are currently in a pandemic, the possibilities of seeing our families and loved ones are limited or very restricted, leaving many seniors isolated and lonely over the holidays. To share some of the holiday spirit from our home, several Gillin girls wrote letters to the Symphony Senior Living in Orleans, Ontario. The students picked which individual they wanted to write their letter to, most selecting the person that invoked the most ‘feels’ for them or those who reminded them of their own grandparents. Pulling out markers and glittery cards, the girls were happy to spend a few moments to brighten someone’s day.

Symphony Senior Living was not the only home to put such a call out to the world this holiday and we can only wish we could have written to every single person out there in need of a friendly greeting and warm wishes. We hope that this small stroke of kindness, compassion, and holiday spirit will help to bring some joy to Anne, Joan O, Marietta, Fabiola, Irene, and Dave H. this holiday season!


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