This Week in Gillin

Ms. Kate Lane
It is hard to believe we are nearly in December, although our snow-covered campus certainly depicts the truth: winter is here! While not many of our boarders share the same excitement that I, and the other Gillin teachers do, we are encouraging them to get outside daily and enjoy some fun in the snow. You will see from the pictures that a handful of adventurous girls have taken part in this challenge and had a great time! I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite Canadian season, though perhaps it is the distinctness of our season in general that I love. My hope is that, with exposure and opportunities with outdoor activities, our Gillinites will learn to embrace these wonderful winters as well. Skiing, skating, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and even just taking the time to build a snowman, are all great ways to get out of one’s head and into nature: providing an undeniable boost in well-being.

Other ways we’ve been aiming to enhance the wellbeing of our boarders is through weekly challenges and competitions, like going for a walk outside, using the gym, or eating fruits and vegetables each day. This was made a little easier Wednesday morning when many of the girls enjoyed an in-house “green smoothie” and with others opting for the more conservative, perhaps tastier, berry version. These “healthy” competitions have been a fun way to promote lifestyle choices that we hope will one day stick.

We have also been so grateful for the enhanced social connections that living in boarding provides. On Sunday night after our house meeting, I came out to the common room to see a number of girls enjoying home-baked banana muffins from Ms. Hickson and hot chocolate that Gabby was carefully brewing on the stove. Music was playing, girls were chatting and laughing, and you could feel the relaxed energy this all provided—a much-needed reprieve from the day-to-day stress of these times. If your daughter is ever calling home sounding anxious or worried, please encourage them to reach out to their teacher and fellow boarders; sometimes just coming out to spend time in the lounge, kitchen, or common room is all they need to enter a happier headspace.

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