Fun with Earth Studies

Emma Tam and Sophia Nicolela
On Friday, we went to Quebec to do Earth Studies. We got to hike around the woods and learned many things about the earth and survival. Once we got to a clearing, we were separated into groups and were taught how to build a safe and controlled fire. Then we cooked hotdogs on the fire that we built! We also got to meet the huskies they train at the facility.
Overall, it was a super fun and educational experience that I would totally recommend!

Fryderyk Janowski
On Friday, November 13, the boarders visited the International School for Earth Studies in Quebec. We had the chance to distance ourselves from our technology and embrace the forest with a hike through one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. Geoffrey Cushing, the co-founder of the school, educated us on environmental sustainability and the irreversible effects of deforestation. It was a great opportunity to disconnect and take in the remote setting. We were also shown how to build a fire and had the opportunity to see a kennel with 25 pure-bred Siberian huskies. It was a unique experience which educated us but that also served as a pause in this busy and unpredictable year.

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