Escape Rooms in Gillin and Matthews House

Caleb Hailemariam
On the first night of the long weekend, the other boarders and I went to an escape room together. Each residence was separated into three groups of 5-6 people and we were all put into three different rooms where we had to solve different kinds of puzzles to either find an item or exit the room. Both my group and I all agree that it was an enjoyable night, and it helped us become closer with some people in our groups as we had to work together to solve the puzzles

Sasha Wachiralappaitoon
One of the highlights of the long weekend is participating in the Escape Room on Thursday night. I really like the fact that this creative activity nicely balances out with other physical activities we had such as the scavenger hunt and the Earth studies activity. It was a fun way to bring out our creative side while working together in a team setting to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks.

What stood out to me was the setting of the escape rooms. Each room had a unique theme with spooky sound effects and realistic decorations and props. In the room “Tomb,” there was a door that turned in a way that I usually see in movies about mummies which was incredible to see. It was a fun experience overall!

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