This Week in Matthews

Mr. Brian Storosko
We have hit the ground running.

Parents, we know how teenage boys operate and communicate. Question: What did you do this week? Student: Not much/nothing/boring…

This weekly will keep you informed on the activities that we have been up to and hopefully it will give you an idea of what to ask your son about.

In the photos you will see some views from our Boarders’ Weekend—a view of the Parliament buildings from the river, the boys waiting for the canal cruise, and them in the chairs down town waiting for a picnic dinner. There is also a night shot from the ghost walk.

They have just finished five days of being on campus and they are in remote learning today. We have been able to see them working from their rooms on campus and then have been able to walk over to see them from the live classroom perspective as well. The distance learning and the face-to-face engagement by the boys has been very impressive and they have really worked together to provide peer support systems. Our Matthews’ staff have been pleased with the COVID requirements as the boys are becoming very good at completing their daily self checks and in wearing their masks in the halls, kitchen and common room.

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