Donna Naufal Moffatt

Congratulations to our Grade 12 students for reaching the midpoint in their year. Our office this week has been busy reviewing and transmitting grades to universities. This grades transmission will often render many offers for students. However, students are reminded that there will be another transmission of grades to universities mid-April  

If students did not fill in the University Update Form sent by Ms. Johnston, they are still required to do so to ensure their midyear documents are sent to the appropriate universities. Students will be at risk of a delay in their applications without the form completed.  

Grade 11 students are reminded to check their Outlook calendar and email for course selection meetings. The pace of these meetings will pick up next week up until the first week of March. Meetings are set for 20 minutes, and students are reminded to come with their course ideas drafted and ready for quick efficient discussions in relation to university program ideas. Students can draft ideas in One-Note and be ready to submit to MSA immediately after the meeting.  

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