Donna Naufal Moffatt

With the exception of a few additional applications for a handful of students, our Grade 12 students have completed all applications to their universities of interest around the world. McGill University was the last one on Tuesday, along with several supplementary applications for a number of different universities. On the horizon, the supplementary for Queen’s University is due for February 15.  

Monday, February 7, is a university midyear marks date for Grade 12 students. These marks are an important piece of many university applications and offers that will follow. I recognize students have been busy with various assessments these past few weeks, and were also balancing what remained of their applications. It is a time where students learn to prioritize and manage these important pieces.  

Grade 11 Students
Grade 11 Students are asked to look for a calendar invitation to a Course Selection Meeting. Meetings are set for 20 minutes and students should come with a draft set of courses they are interested in discussing. Grade 11 students are reminded to open their Guidance Class of 2023 Class Notebook in OneNote to draft ideas. From there, students can enter their course selections in MSA. Information about Course Selections and Course Descriptions can be found on the Student Page of the School Website.

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