Donna Naufal Moffatt

Grade 12 Students met their Ontario applications deadline yesterday. Attention for these applications is now focused on completing any supplementary work required while remaining motivated in school work for the midyear grades transmission to universities in early February. Students are reminded to read instructions carefully for their supplementary applications and to heed the deadlines. Late submissions of supplementary work will not be accepted by universities and applications risk being withdrawn. Students are encouraged to create a calendar with timelines for any necessary supplementary work. 

Many scholarship deadlines are often for early-mid winter. Students should be reviewing individual university deadlines for any scholarships they are eligible for and that require an application.  

University of British Columbia has extended their deadline to from Saturday, January 15 to Monday, January 17, 11:59pm, for any student still finishing up this application.  

UCAS applications to the United Kingdom are in their final stages of completion. The official deadline for UCAS is January 26. Students are reminded that UCAS applications must be sent through Ashbury College for verification of qualifications and grades as part of the process. Independent applications completed outside the school are discouraged and may impact students in receiving offers.  

Ms. Johnston has posted a PowerPoint presentation for the McGill application in our Class of 2022 Notebook for students working towards the February 1st deadline. It has step-by-step instructions and slides to help guide students through the application. Students are welcome to send us an email or stop by our office next week if they still have questions about this application.  

Thank you to Ms. Lewicki, Ms. Young, and Mr. Alie for organizing the Social Science University and Career Pathway Alumni Panel last night, Thursday, January 13. We had an exceptional panel of Alumni spanning the Class of 2013-2018. It was a well-attended virtual event for our Senior students, especially for our Grade 12 students who have applied to similar programs. The University Counselling Office will be collaborating with other departments to hold similar events again this winter and spring to highlight other fields of study and related career paths.  

Course selection meetings for our current Grade 11 students (Class of 2023) will begin in February. There will be a presentation held on Thursday, January 27 at 7pm to review key information about course selections that also relate to initial university planning. Parents of Grade 11 students and Grade 11 students should be at this presentation to learn more about our process for course selections.  

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