Ms. Kate Lane
As Thanksgiving is upon us, I wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate everyone’s commitment to Ashbury boarding during these challenging times. While some boarders remain home this fall term, we certainly are looking forward to the day they can arrive on campus to join our family in Gillin Residence.

We have a tremendous group of young women residing in Gillin this year, as regularly commented upon by our Boarding Teachers. “They are just so lovely…” or “we are so lucky to have this amazing group of girls during this challenging year” is often heard from any one of the teachers, and this could not be more true. Our group of 25 on-campus boarding students includes five members of our Gillin Boarding Council. These students’ roles include: Health & Wellness, Community Engagement, Academics & Achievement, and Internationalism, in addition to being “Wing Leaders” who support all students with their social-emotional wellbeing and adjustment into boarding life. I feel truly fortunate to have this exceptionally strong, welcoming, motivated group this year. Already they have made such a positive impact on Gillin and our community as a whole.

Within this past short month there has already been a number of boarding activities, as regularly highlighted by our students in The Weekly. Please encourage your daughters to participate as much as possible.

To all family members: please do not hesitate to reach out to me ( or our Assistant Head of Residence, Ms. Amy Huang ( should you have any questions about Gillin in particular or to share updates from home.

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