Mid-Autumn Festival in Gillin

Ms. Amy Huang

On Thursday, October 1, the house of Gillin celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival. Eva He, Yolanda Lu and PingPing Peng told the mythical story of the hero, Hou Yi, and his wife, Chang’e, who became the moon goddess. The Mid-Autumn festival symbolizes family reunion and is celebrated with things that are round in shape. The circular shape symbolizes unity, wholeness and togetherness, mirroring the moon which is at its fullest every year on this night.

Eating oranges, prayers, making and lighting lanterns, and eating mooncakes are just a few ways to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. There are many kinds of mooncakes and we were lucky enough to enjoy three different kinds tonight—the traditional lotus-seed paste and egg yolk, mixed nuts, and a green tea-flavoured sweet bean paste—and they were all very delicious! We all certainly felt like we were a family coming together and sharing our gratitude for each other.

Sending all of our students and families here and afar the sweetest of prayers; may the round moon bring you happiness and brightness in the future! 中秋節快樂!

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