Boarding message October 2

· Effective Friday, September 25, boarders in Grades 11 and 12 will have their curfew extended to 11 p.m. ON CAMPUS on Friday and Saturday nights.
· If you have an off-campus pass, you must check back in with residential faculty at 10 p.m. to show that you are back on campus, but Grade 11 and 12 students are not required to be back in the residence until 11 p.m.
· No change at this time for curfew for Grades 9 and 10
· Once COVID-19 cases in Ottawa decrease substantially, we can consider further easing of curfew restrictions

Wing Cohorts
· Within your own residential wing, you will be allowed to visit one another in your rooms, with MASKS ON and DOOR OPEN.
· No visiting rooms outside your own wing at this time (one step at a time…)
· Maximum one guest at a time, per room.
· Physical distancing rules apply!

Gillin Lounge
·  Effective, Friday, September 25, the Gillin Lounge on the main floor is open.  Maximum capacity is three people at a time. Masks on.

New times for meal delivery to campus
Ashbury College has been cutting back on outside visitors and reducing traffic to campus during the pandemic. In addition, we do not want students going to our residence doors to accept food deliveries from drivers from Uber Eats or Skip the Dishes (as examples). Students must ask permission before placing an order to ensure that staff are available to accept the delivery and pass it along to the student, after spray-sanitizing the package.

As a result, food delivery to campus is restricted to the following times:
· Monday through Friday afternoons: 3:30–4:30 p.m.
· Monday through Thursday evenings: 9–10 p.m.
· Weekends: 1–4:30 pm and 7–11 p.m.

Thanks for your ongoing cooperation as we work together to keep one another safe while building and maintaining healthy relationships within our Boarding Community.

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