This Week with Gillin Girls

Ms. Kate Lane
All the Gillin teachers were excited to see our boarders who have returned over the past few weeks. Many have managed well through two weeks of quarantine and maintained positive attitudes throughout. This past week has seen Gillin in their first four day of “home learning” and, while we know it is ideal for them to be in classes now, we see many have adjusted quite well and appreciate the less restrictive uniform guidelines. Feedback thus far is that they enjoy both in class and in-dorm learning options and many have also expressed empathy and appreciation for their teachers who are going to such lengths to ensure a positive experience for all students—in class, at home, and across the globe.

We know that these are challenging times for our girls and not quite the year they had hoped for—especially our Grade 12 students. However, coming together as a community through this struggle will undoubtedly help all of us grow in character and understanding—prioritizing the group over self. We are pleased to report that all of our boarders seem to have taken on this philosophy wholeheartedly and are following all COVID-safe requirements to keep the Heather Gillin Residence, and Ashbury at large, a healthy and welcoming space to live.

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