Update on campus closure

Update on campus closure

Dear Parents and Students,

On Sunday, the Ontario government announced that all public schools in the province will remain closed until May 31, 2020. As we have communicated to our community in recent weeks, our planning is in place for the current distance learning program to continue for the remainder of the school year. We will share updates in the coming weeks as plans evolve for our major closing events. 

For our international boarding students who are still in Canada, but who will be returning home, we may be able to assist in gathering belongings from residences prior to departure. Please contact residential staff to make arrangements. We are also developing a process where some items could be shipped back to boarders who are already outside Canada. That information will be communicated in more detail to all boarding students early next month.

Finally, a reminder that there will be no formal classes on May 1 to allow students to work independently and manage their screen time at this mid-point of distance learning. 

We remain appreciative of our community’s flexibility and understanding at this extraordinary time. To all, stay healthy and stay safe.


Norman Southward
Head of School – Directeur

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