Boarding Update

Dear Boarding Parents and Students,
We hope this finds you well as we continue to adapt to the challenging circumstances for our school, our country and indeed the whole world. We appreciate this is an uncertain, stressful time. We’re reaching out to provide some information specifically for our boarding community and to hopefully proactively answer some questions you may have.
As has been previously communicated, the Ontario government has directed that all schools in the province must close until at least April 6, public events of over 50 people are banned, and citizens are to self-distance from others in order to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19 in our community. 
What does this mean for boarding parents?
Ashbury residences will remain closed until at least April 5, however this date could be changed at any time by provincial authorities. Students will not be permitted to reside on campus at this time. Exceptions will be made for brief visits to the residences to retrieve personal belongings from rooms. Students must coordinate with the Heads of Residences (Mr. StoroskoMs. Lane or Ms. Mooney) for these pickups.
Access to the main Ashbury buildings will not be permitted until the school re-opens.
The Canadian government has announced it is restricting entry to the country to citizens and permanent residents, with some exceptions, and that incoming international flights will be limited to four national airports. Anyone who arrives or has arrived in Canada is expected to self-isolate for a period of 14 days. Ashbury’s residences are not equipped to provide self-isolation facilities and boarders should remain in their home countries for the duration of this emergency situation. Due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 situation, and daily changes to travel restrictions beyond our control, at this time we cannot advise families on when students should plan to return to Canada. We recommend that families wait to purchase airline tickets for the return to Ottawa until the situation here is clarified.
If your child remained in Canada over the March break they will have to stay with guardians or homestays, Ashbury families, or return home to be with you until further notice. Please contact Padme Raina or Louise Di Prisco for assistance if you are having difficulty arranging accommodation. 
Distance learning in place
While our campus remains closed for face-to-face learning, we will begin to implement distance learning for our students, beginning early next week. This means that no matter where your child is located in the world now, next week, or next month, he or she will be able to continue with their academic studies. More details on accessing distance learning will be forthcoming.
We invite you to please stay up-to-date with school communications in this rapidly-evolving situation as we aim to provide new information to you as we can. Please be assured that we seek to ensure that your child’s educational year is not in jeopardy, regardless of when the school and our residences may re-open.
Please email for urgent requests and we will respond as soon as we are able.
Thank you for your ongoing attention.
Norman Southward
Head of School – Directeur

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