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The vision of an updated library is one that is bright, open, inviting, technologically adaptable, and offers a variety of seating and study spaces to meet the needs of all students. Ashbury students manage a significant academic load: an updated library will help facilitate the academic needs of all students, and all kinds of leaners. 

The Molson Library and Resource Centre was built in 1995. The library has been a heavily used, active space for more than a quarter century, and continues to play a vital role in the way students’ study, research, collaborate, discover a love of literature and information, and find a quiet place amid their busy schedules. The library houses Ashbury’s IT helpdesk, the University Counseling program offices, and the Student Success Centre, all of which are key aspects of students’ current and future academic pathways.  

Recent repurposing of rooms around the periphery of the main library space has necessitated a review of how to optimize this important space and meet the needs of the 21st century student at both the Junior and Senior level. Lighting, furnishings, and sightlines are proving to be inadequate to provide an open, inviting space to all students. The lighting is up lit and uneven, resulting in significant eye fatigue and shadows. Blocky study carrels are uncomfortable, heavy to move, and there is a lack of variety of seating options to suit different needs. Sightlines to program offices are closed off with tall, immobile, and outdated shelving, creating a fragmented space.  

Investing in upgrades to the Molson Library and Resource Centre will provide a modern and comfortable library space for the next quarter century, developing the young minds who will – hopefully – go forward and help solve some of the world’s complex problems.  

Status of library:

  • Natural light blocked by tall, outdated shelving creating obstructive sightlines.
  • Blocky, immobile, outdated furniture, not tech adaptive.
  • Views to program offices are blocked.
  • Limited seating.

Programs headquartered in the library: 

  • Library Circulation Desk 
  • Reading Program 
  • University Counseling 
  • Student Success and Wellness 
  • Student Test Centre 
  • IT

In addition to the academic and student programs housed within the library, this space also serves as a safe place for students who might need, or benefit from, reprieve from the stimulating and busy pace of school life.  It is a safe space for students to recalibrate, where a friendly librarian or faculty member can offer support or conversation if needed.  

A library refresh is scheduled for summer 2023, and Ashbury excited to debut a brighter, more open, and modernized space in the coming academic year. Ashbury is seeking philanthropic support at all levels to meet this important need, as previous generations of supporters did a quarter-century ago.  Your support will provide a modern and comfortable library space for the next quarter century, meeting the needs of current and future students. 

All donations are eligible for a charitable tax receipt and donor recognition opportunities are available. Please contact Stephanie Young, Director of Development at for more information.  

The Molson Library and Resource Centre, January 2023:

Library renderings bringing much needed light, openness, and varied seating and study spaces, March 2023.

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