40 Years of Women at Ashbury

Celebrating 40 Years of Women at Ashbury

Ashbury’s history and evolution hold many milestones, and this year’s 40th anniversary of co-education is certainly one to celebrate. As an independent and international school in the nation’s capital, ensuring an inclusive school community is central to the school experience and to our mission and values. Looking back at our School history, A Character of its Own, the move to co-education was seen as a major change from the all-boys school that had endured for 91 years yet “a positive and welcome step with a new tone, an essential civility, an upbeat attitude, a feeling of openness and a pride in school and achievement.” Enrollment to start 1982-83 was 421 boys and 13 girls, with the next year double the girls and only increasing thereafter. Cynthia Baxter chaired the committee on co-education, with John Woods as Board Chair bridging over to Bill Milroy, father of Ashbury’s current CFO Alex Milroy and Tony Macoun as Head of School. Jane Kennedy was appointed Dean of Women and ensured a successful transition in school life, and Jean Teron became Board Chair several years later, solidifying Ashbury’s coed status. Today we support a school environment that is inclusive for all students. From all boys to co-ed, and gender-inclusive, Ashbury moves from strength to strength as we embrace our pluralistic community. I am grateful for all those visionaries from board to staff, to students and parents in contributing to the Ashbury of today, and of tomorrow.

Probitas, Virtus, Comitas,

Norman Southward
Head of School

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The Early Years

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