Donna Naufal Moffatt

Grade 12 Students met with Mr. Southward yesterday to review details and expectations for Closing and Grad Dinner. Please speak to your student about the information shared.  

Grade 12 students are reminded to complete the following Forms that have been shared with them: 

  • Final University Destination Tracking Form 
  • IB Transcript Request Form 
  • ‘77 Cup Nomination Form 

Reminder: June 1 is the deadline to accept offers for Ontario universities. If a student is still waiting for a more important offer from a school outside of Ontario, the student should consider accepting their Ontario offer until other schools decide about their application. Universities in other provinces or countries may have their own timelines for offers that extend beyond Ontario’s deadline. 

Grade 11 students are reminded to use their Guidance Class of 2023 Notebook in OneNote to review presentations and to document their university planning. That is a shared notebook with me and the student.  

Interested Grade 11 Students are invited to participate in a University Application Supplementary Writing Workshop – June 27-30.  Students were sent a form to express interest by June 15. This type of workshop is not required for all students, nor is it mandatory to complete a successful application. It is only an option for those interested.  

The objective of this workshop will be to provide students with instruction and guided writing time to support the various writing requirements of university applications.  
·      Monday 27 – The U.S. Common Application Personal Essay  
·      Tuesday 28 – The UK (UCAS) + Irish (Atlantic Bridge) Personal Statement  
·      Wednesday 29 – The “Why Us?” Essay  
·      Thursday 30 – Other Supplemental Writing Pieces and/or additional writing time  
Workshop Times are as follows: 
·      Morning Start Time: 10:00 a.m. to Noon – Instructional + Pre-Writing Time    
·      Afternoon Start Time: 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. – Optional Focused Guided Writing Time   

Also – if a student has changed their mind about their courses for next year, or if you would like to review your student’s courses and program plan, please reach out either by email, or by using my Calendly link to schedule a meeting. I will be working until early July, and am happy to meet with students and parents, even after Closing.  

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