Donna Naufal Moffatt

As Grade 12 students continue to receive news about their remaining applications, there is a sense of excitement mixed with nerves these last several days. Students are reminded to carefully review conditions noted in their offer letter. If students are concerned or do not fully understand the conditions attached to an offer, they are encouraged to schedule an appointment with me using my Calendly link. I am happy to help break down offers and conditions with students. As well, I am happy to offer guidance and advice to students and parents regarding destination/program choices.  

Deadlines to accept an offer will vary depending on the university and location. Students have until June 1 to accept offers at Ontario universities. Outside of Ontario, students will have to read carefully for deadlines. This will vary by university and may be based on the time offers are first given. Students are also reminded to keep checking their university portals for deadlines regarding residence and course registration.. 

To ensure IB documentation is ordered and sent to universities, Grade 12 students must complete the IB Transcript Request Form sent out by Ms. Johnston, also found in my Weekly Wrap Up. In addition, students must complete the University Tracking Form to ensure information is accurate for Closing Ceremonies. Grade 12 students have been sent several email reminders about these Form. It would be appreciated if parents also remind their student to complete these necessary forms.  

Many Grade 11 students and parents have been scheduling meetings with me to discuss courses and university plans. As always, I welcome this opportunity to have these conversations and do some spring planning with the student. Please encourage your Grade 11 student to use my Calendly link to schedule an appointment. Students should also be accessing presentations in the Guidance Class of 2023 OneNote, as well as placing their university research in their individual pages.  

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