Donna Naufal Moffatt

Grade 12 Students:

The University Counselling Office will be sending the last set of term marks (IB and Ministry) no later than Monday, April 25 to OUAC and to universities where students may still be waiting for an offer.  

Students will be receiving two forms to complete in the last week of April: one for the purpose of ordering IB transcripts, and the other for the purpose of noting offers received this year.  

Many students are beginning to set up appointments to discuss their post-secondary decisions. I welcome an opportunity to speak to parents as well and to help evaluate a “best-fit” university choice for the student.  

Grade 11 Students:

On Wednesday, Grade 11 students were invited to the theatre for a presentation about the “Canadian University Application Landscape.” This presentation offered key information about how to begin researching realistic best-fit programs and schools, plus how Canadian universities assess a student’s application. Students were informed that the presentation was mandatory, although numbers were lower than anticipated. Please remind your teenage-person the importance of these presentations in preparing students for navigating the application process in the fall. Presentations can be found in their Guidance Class of 2023 Notebook, under Presentations.  

Looking Ahead:  

On Wednesday, April 13, at 2:00pm (in-person) there will be a presentation on the “Understanding the U.S. Application and the Current Admissions Landscape.” This will follow the OSSLT for Grade 11 students. All Grade 11 students interested in applying to the U.S. must attend this meeting to be properly prepared for completing a U.S. application.  

Please remain on the lookout for information and registration about a parent presentation on “University Applications in Canada and Abroad.” There will be two evening dates: one to cover the Canadian applications and the other event to discuss U.S. and U.K. applications. Please stay tuned.  

Upcoming Outside Community Events:  

These events are not delivered by Ashbury; rather, they are 3rd party organizations that present information to students and parents. These events are meant to support the research stage of your applications and are not meant to substitute application work and information/curriculum delivered by Ashbury’s University Counselling Office. 

Friday, April 8 at 7:00pm – Princeton Review: High School Academics and College Admissions. Register Here 

Thursday, April 21 – EducationUSA Virtual US Fair – Register Here 

Thursday, April 30 – US College Expo – Register Here 

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